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  • Our Services Immense Experience

    Grow Your Business With Our Jinnee Clone App Offering 60+ assortments of On-demand Services.

  • Taxi booking

    Sit back, relax and go anywhere you want. Book a taxi to your destination in few clicks. Equipped with high-end features for you to enjoy the ride without any hassles.

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  • Parcel Delivery

    Get your stuff couriered. Move anything within the city, pick up and drop off groceries, send forgotten stuff, send/collect items for repair, and more in just a few taps.

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  • Food Delivery

    Deliver almost anything at your doorstep! This app has it all: food, groceries, pharmacies, flowers, alcohol, stationery, water bottles, medical marijuana, and so on. With single download and login.

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  • Video Consulting

    Access Online Video Consultation with top range of Doctors, Lawyers, Astrologers, Legal Advisors, Tutors, Fitness and more. Connect with them face to face through video using smart devices.

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  • Service Bid

    Send your "Bid Invitation" to the service providers in your proximity. Get a matched service bid based on the service provider's Bid Offer, Reviews, and Portfolio.

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  • More Services

    View details of more services like Car Wash, Beautician, Tow Truck, Home Cleaning, Massage, Sanitization Service, Disinfection Service etc...

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How It Works Login, Choose Service and Book it

User Friendly System that will allow you to Book Services with just few Steps and Simple Flow.

  • Login OR Register

    Login into App using your Mobile Number, OTP, Password, Gmail, Facebook, Fingerprint Sensor or, Face Detection

  • Choose Service

    Choose the Service that you wish to use and book the same in just a few steps.

  • Track Your Job

    Track Service Providers in Real Time on Maps and by receiving In-App Notifications with Live Status.

  • Its Done!!

    Review and Rate each Job and Task as per your satisfaction and pay it via Cash, Card or via In-App Wallet.

Make Money with Us Provide your Services and Expand your Business

Register yourself and add your Services to our Company.
Service Providers like Taxi Driver, Delivery Driver, Electrician, Car Washer, etc can Register and start to Provide your Services to all our Users. Restaurant Owner, Grocery Store Owner, Pharmacy Store Owner, etc can register and sell their Items to all our Users..

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